Printing an image on metal is a great way to give your building that wow factor you were looking for when someone first walks into your building. The metal really makes the artwork come to life and jump off the wall. Images can be printed on different color metals to give each image a different look then it would had just printed on paper. The colors range from stainless to gold with every metallic color in between. It can also be printed on white if you do not want to change the look of the image but instead looking for a different option to a image framed in glass and want to keep a similar look.

Metal artwork can be hung several different ways the first option is you but the metal artwork in a frame. This looks best in a metal frame you can see options for different profiles below. The next option is for it to be hung using standoffs. This will give it more of a modern look. The last option is for it to be hung using special hangers on the back. This option makes it so all you see is the artwork with no frame or standoffs. Metal artwork will make any building stand out from others.