On Demand Printing

Artwork can be printed on many different types of paper to give the image a slightly different look. Some of the options we offer are white matte paper, watercolor paper, fine art paper, metal finish paper, and photographic paper. For samples and a more complete list please connect us and we will send out a sample book. Each type of paper will give you a completely different look. White Matte paper will give you that plain white smooth background look. While watercolor paper makes the image feel like it was painted on. Fine are paper is for when you want the image to have a texture or feel to it as well as not as bright white as the matte paper would be. With metal finish paper the image can have a silver, gold or bronze look to them to really make the image pop off the wall. The last type of paper is photographic paper which is high gloss paper made to make it seem you are at the location of the photograph. All these papers are available for any project you many have. Contact us today for full sample book.

Here at Contract Picture Framers Inc. we offer three different types of printing options.

Our first option is the standard aqueous ink option. This is used mostly for printing on different types of paper or canvas. From matte paper to photographic paper to cotton fine art paper and any type in between. This printing method is used for indoor applications and most times when you are framing the image.

The second option is our dye sub printer. This printer allows us to imbed the ink directly into multiple types of substrates. The standard substrates we use are metal (aluminum or steel), wood, and fabric. This system first prints the image out on special transfer paper which you then attach to the substrate and press under high temperature to have the ink transfer into the material. This give a very bright and colorful end product.

The third option is on our 4’ x 8’ flatbed printer (JFX200-2513). This machine allows us to print on any surface that you could image. This includes but not limited to paper, wood, any type of metal, acrylic, glass and much much more. It is a UV cured ink system meaning that the ink will not run or bleed over time.

Our printing capabilities are almost endless with our three options. Sample are always available to see what option would fit best with your printing needs. Contact us today.