Isn’t it interesting how color can possibly affect your mood. You may not realize it at first, but it can possibly change your mood slightly or significantly. There have been sayings that you may be familiar with:

– “I am feeling blue today”
– “I am so mad, I am seeing red”
– “I am green with envy”

Red can be typically classified with the feeling or sense of anger, rage, temperature rising, fire, standing out. Whereas, the color blue, can be classified as calming & tranquil and can give off a persona of trustworthy & strength. Green is the color that typically has relaxing/healing effects as it is associated with growth & nature (stroll in the park). Yellow, of course, you automatically think of the sun which is bright, inviting & warm. Black can have some possibly dark feelings, but more people think of black as classy, slimming & elegant (Black Tie affair).

The reason that I bring up this topic is that you may want to consider these possible factors when purchasing colors & pictures for your living spaces. You typically would not want to put a lot of red in a small room where you spend a lot of time, as it could possibly have some negative effects. What seems to work the best is calming pictures with blues, green & yellow (ocean, sky, nature, sun) for areas where you spend a lot of time to give off the relaxing nature & positive vibes.

We have all kinds of pictures that we can offer to you, to your specifications, that are new & exciting for your next hospitality or healthcare project.