Looking for something different that will help set your building apart from others then artwork printed on wood is the way to go. When printed on wood you get that rustic home feeling along with a great piece of artwork. This is since the grain of the wood will show through making it so the image it transformed into a totally different look. If you do not want to have the grain showing but still want the image printed on wood since you are looking for a frameless look that is different than just canvas, then there is an option for that as well. This would mean the image would be printed on MDF type board to give you the wood print option but not change the image by have a grain showing in the background.

For installing there are a couple of different options. The first would be on standoffs. This makes it seem it is floating off the wall. The next options is a frameless look that would have a z-bar attached to the back to allow the print to hang on the wall. The last options are for it to be framed. This option usually involves using a floater frame option. Which you can see listed below. Wood artwork gives the artwork a different feel then it was intended to have.