Glass artwork gives you a similar look as the acrylic option, but it is a little bit clearer and not a wavy as acrylic is. Also, it will hold up better in difficult environments due to the fact the acrylic tends to be able to bend and twist as it gets colder or hotter. The glass itself will be ΒΌ inch thick tempered glass. This way it would be hard to break but if it was broken it would shatter into a million little pieces and not hurt anyone. Glass artwork can also be mounted several ways. The first is standoffs. This makes it so the picture seems to be floating off the wall. The next option is for a special hanging system to be installed on the back which is basically a z bar that you cannot see through the image. This allows the picture to be mounted closer to the wall. The last option is to put a frame around it. The best type of frame for this would be a floater frame which you can find some samples of below. Glass artwork can give your building that wow factor you are looking for.