Need a focal picture for your building but do not like the idea of glass and frame and canvas is to simple then artwork printed on the back of acrylic is the way to go. This way of creating an artwork pieces for your building is a huge eye catcher. The way the print is printed on the back of the acrylic it really makes it, so the picture is brighter, and the colors come through more clearly. Acrylic is also a great way to be able to add lighting in the back. This allow the picture to be even brighter and pop more. When it comes to hanging there are several different options. The first is standoffs. This makes it so the picture seems to be floating off the wall.

The next option is for a special hanging system to be installed on the back which is basically a z bar that you can not see through the image. This allows the picture to be mounted closer to the wall. The last option is to put a frame around it. The best type of frame for this would be a floater frame which you can find some samples of below. Acrylic artwork can create that first impression you want people to have when they first walk into your building.