Framed Art – Appropriate to the Situation

Artwork is powerful. The images for your design can help create a more vibrant and creative activity room, or a more peaceful lounge area. Research shows that art and design, when used correctly, have a powerful and positive effect on the human psyche and increases patient outcomes.

Design and Art Consultation

Our art consultants are here to help guide you through the process of choosing images and design components, as well as optimal placement in your location. With tens of thousands of available images and frame styles to choose from, our job is to make yours easier. We have the experience and skills to take this daunting task and whittle it down so you aren’t spending your time navigating through options that don’t make sense for your project.

Framed Mirrors

Adding light and perceived space, mirrors compliment any location. Available in beveled and plain finishes, we custom manufacture framed mirrors using the moulding of your choice in any size. Furthermore, we offer all mirrors with an optional safety backing.

Bulletin Boards

An essential part of any facility, we manufacture several types to satisfy all budget and design requirements. All our bulletin boards are available with frames to coordinate with the facility artwork – therefore tying in the décor with one cohesive coordinating look.

Tackless/Ribbon Board

Our standard memo board, these boards are manufactured with color coordinated ribbons and fabric, for a safety conscious tackless board that also brings out the wow factor in a resident room.

Fabric Board

Generally used in hallway applications where a larger space is needed. These ribbon-less fabric boards provide a more home-like feel and a softer look than cork, and are still made with the same fire-resistant materials.

White Board

A porcelain steel board, these durable and easily cleaned boards are used for daily communication in both common areas and resident rooms. Framed in coordinating mouldings to enhance the look of the facility. These boards can also be customized with dye sublimation printing – print a calendar, your logo, patient pain scales – or any other commonly used illustration.

Wayfinding Art

This is memory art with a yesteryear feel. This unique tactile art allows for stimulating interaction with the many three-dimensional aspects of the image – helping to relieve stress and confusion in seniors with dementia. These pieces are large and truly one of a kind.

Acoustic Panels

Is your restaurant, office, or working space unbearably loud?  Does even the quietest conversation sound like it’s echoing through a cave? 

Our attractive acoustic panels will double to mitigate your problems with sound reflections while decorating your space with a modern, attractive look.


Have a big wall? We can fill that. Our large-scale printers can create high resolution printed wallpaper murals. A sleek, and modern option, murals are great for large spaces or high-touch areas where extra durability is warranted – such as pediatric environments.

Metal printing/Acrylic Printing

Metal and acrylic art prints have a luminous finish and depth of color that paper cannot match. These images are durable, fashionable, and modern. Our dye sublimation metal printer can create signs, clock faces, and white boards and more.

Framed Compliance Sign Packages

Everyone needs compliance signs –  step up your game with finished framed signs that match the rest of the facility’s decor.

Memory Boxes

We design unique memory boxes for Alzheimer’s and dementia units. These consist of a deep coordinating shadow box frame and a top sliding acrylic front, or hinged lockable doors. We can customize to meet your exact size and shape requirements. One of our trained consultants can help you determine the best options for your needs and space.

Not seeing what you’re looking for? We always like a challenge!
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